Wiki Writing in Prague (Podcast)

Jim Barber, Assistant Professor of Higher Education, and April Lawrence, Academic Technologist in the School of Education, recently sat down to chat about how Dr. Barber used WM Wikis to support a travel abroad experience to Prague, Czech Republic.


Interview with Dr. Barber: Wiki Writing in Prague (Download Audio Podcast)

Dr. Barber and a group of William and Mary undergraduates utilized the WM Wikis platform to support a summer study abroad course on European Integration. Dr. Barber chose the wiki platform to facilitate collaborative writing assignments that could easily integrate relevant media such as videos, graphics, personal photos, and web links to news stories.  The students also used the wiki to report out and reflect upon their field experiences, which included trips to Auschwitz-Birkenau, Krakow, Pilsen, and Berlin.

Drawing upon his research on integration of learning, Dr. Barber’s goal was to create assignments that capitalized on the wiki’s flexibility and encouraged learners to connect, apply, and synthesize concepts. The wiki also allowed students to readily incorporate personal reflection, situating learning in the students’ own experiences to make the material meaningful to them.

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About April Lawrence

April Lawrence is the Academic Technologist for the School of Education. A high school English teacher for ten years, April also worked in online course design and development before joining the AIS staff. April is a doctoral candidate in Educational Policy, Planning & Leadership at William & Mary. Her research interests include exploring the intersections of culture, technology integration, and learning.