Video Production for Chinese Language Students

This post is written by Peng Yu, Visiting Instructor of Chinese Studies, Modern Languages & Literatures Department.

Project Description

This is a video production project designed for Chinese language students at the 200-level. The objective of this project is to encourage students to explore ways to use Chinese language in real-life settings so as to enhance language learning. The end goal is to create a series of videos with transcriptions which will present how students might use the language that they’ve learned from the classroom.

An explanation of why the faculty member wants to do the project

The idea of the project is to encourage students to use the language beyond the classroom. This project will improve instruction and student learning in many aspects.

First, at the preparation stage, students will need to use new vocabulary and sentence structures to write the storyline which would be great practice. Second, during the production stage, students will actually use the language to present the story when filming the video. Last but not least, after video production, another group of students will transcribe the video and make subtitles, which would be a review exercise for this group of students. Moreover, outstanding videos could be re-used in classroom instruction for learning or reviewing purposes.

A discussion of how the project will be different from what the faculty member used to do

For a traditional oral presentation project, students just need to present orally in front of the whole class. It is not necessarily a real-life setting. And it is not recorded in any form, but an oral project. This project requires students to perform in a real-life setting. It will allow students to record and re-visit their presentations.

Students will form groups of 3-5. Here’s a brief timeline:

  • Week 1-3, introduce the project, learn basic vocabulary and sentence structures, sign up for groups, and prepare storylines.
  • Week 4-5, film the video and make the presentation.
  • Week 6-9, transcribe the video and make subtitles.

Several groups will create the video independently and simultaneously. Group A will transcribe Group B’s video; Group B will transcribe Group C’s video; and so forth.