Changes on the W&M Academic Technology Blog

One of our contributors has left W&M to move to Seattle, so here is an obligatory image of the Space Needle.

One of our contributors has left W&M to move to Seattle, so here is an obligatory image of the Space Needle.

We’ve got some changes going on here at the blog that I’ve been excited to tell you all about: changes in our contributor staff, and changes in our posting schedule.

Three New Contributors

We’ve got three new regular contributors starting up with us this summer, Rachel Kleinsorge is part of W&M’s Academic Information Services  team (which we refer to colloquially as “academic technology”) as our new learning management system specialist. Jamison Miller is a doctoral student at the School of Education, and Jake Smith is with the W&M classroom support team.  Here’s a brief introduction to each of them:

  • Rachel Kleinsorge is academic technology’s new learning management system (LMS) specialist — one of the things she’ll be handling is our LMS here at W&M, which right now is Blackboard. She’s already written a great post about a new Blackboard tool for commenting on Blackboard-submitted student papers. Rachel comes to us from the Coast Guard Training Center in Yorktown, Virginia, prior to that she spent seven years in federal service at the National Library of Medicine/National Institute of Health and the Office of the Inspector General Department of Housing and Urban Development. Her interests include e-learning, instructional systems design, and LMS management. She’s been a stand up trainer, written documents on online learning, and organized training events large and small. Her personal interests cover a wide breadth of geek culture, writing, running, and other creative pursuits.
  • Jamison Miller studied urban and cultural geography at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago and at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. He is beginning his PhD program in higher education this fall with research interests in digital culture, community colleges, and the political economy of higher education.
  • Jake Smith is the newest member of the William & Mary Classroom Support Team. As a member of this excellent team that helps keep classroom technology run smoothly, he works to support technology in W&M’s classrooms, as well as the videoconferencing requests and ventures of the College. Jake is excited about being able to make connections around campus as well as across the globe through videoconferencing, and looks forward to sharing his expertise to all of you readers.

Stay tuned for posts from our new contributors — they’ll be coming up in just a few weeks!

One “Retiring” Contributor

We’re glad to have three new contributors, but also are sad to have to say goodbye to our long-time regular contributor Evan Cordulack, Academic Information Services’ Web developer, who has been with us since the beginnings of this blog. Evan, having finished his PhD in American studies at W&M in January, has accepted a position as a Web developer in Seattle, so will no longer be writing for us. We wish him the best of luck!

Some highlights of Evan’s work here on the blog:

Posting Schedule Changes

We’re also making a few changes to the posts here on the blog.  We’re retiring the Friday links posts in order to focus more on our featured posts, which we will continue to publish on Tuesdays.  On Fridays (instead of Thursdays), we’ll continue to post guest posts, and posts by me, the editor.

We hope these changes find you well, and, as always, let us know what you think in the comments!

About Kim Mann

Kim Mann is the editor and a writer for the Academic Technology Blog. She earned her BA in English from the University of Minnesota in 2003 and her MA in American Studies from William & Mary in 2009, and her PhD in American Studies at the College in 2014. Her research is on technology, the interface, and the body in mid-twentieth century science fiction.