Three Things to Consider When Starting an Online Writing Group

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Thinking about participating in an online writing group? If so, Evan has some tips in this post for helping things run smoothly.

Using WordPress in Your Class for Student Writing and Websites

Thinking about using a Web-based assignment in a class this semester? If so, this post covers the basics of assigning these kinds of projects to students. Evan also lists many resources for writing Web-based assignments using WordPress, as well as tutorials to help you get started.

Dictation and Writing with Mountain Lion


The recent update for OS X, Mountain Lion, has a dictation function built into the Finder. In this post, Kim talks about how it works, and testing it out.

Saving Time with Text Expansion

My TextExpander window.  You type your snippet in the large pane in the upper right and your abbreviation in the bottom right.

Text expansion software can help save time typing. In this post, Kim talks about how she’s dabbled in text expansion software for grading as well as for writing emails.

Blogging in the Classroom: Three of My Mistakes


Evan reflects on three mistakes he made while using blogging in the courses he’s taught.

Doing Academic Research with Zotero


You’ve probably heard of the reference management tool Zotero – in this post, Kim writes about her experiences using Zotero for research – through its ability to collect, organize, and cite sources.

Using Microsoft Word for Managing Citations

Create a New Source with the Citation Manager

Until recently, I used Scrivener for all my writing projects.  However, when I started to share drafts with my writing group and my advisors, everyone used Microsoft’s Word comments and track changes to mark up my writing.  Rather than deal importing and exporting from Scrivener, I thought I would try Word again.  When starting to […]

Organizing Your Research with DEVONthink Pro Office

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When it comes to organizing research, the humanities scholar has any number of options. Most of us need to be able to organize a mix of notes, images, articles, and other kinds of documents in a way that allows us to group them in different ways. I eventually decided that DEVONthink Pro Office (available for OS X) makes the most sense to me to store the ten thousand or so items that make up my dissertation research.

Five Things Scrivener Can Do for You (Besides Word Processing)


Writing and organizing research for a large project can be a frustrating task. Scrivener, an application designed just for this purpose, works great as a word processor and all-around writing workspace. In this post, Kim talks about the things that Scrivener can do for you.