Improving My Online Security with 1Password


“Have you ever forgotten your password?” password manager 1Password’s website asks. “Why yes,” you say, because of course the answer is yes — if you’ve ever changed a password, had multiple passwords like a good citizen concerned about security, or, really, used a computer in the past 10 years — you’ve probably forgotten a password at some point. Well, 1Password promises to help you out with that. I decided to give it a try due to John’s post about passwords, and Evan’s comment recommending 1Password, and it did indeed help me out.

Universal Design for Learning: A Great Lens for E-Learning


It’s interesting where inspiration comes from sometimes. This last semester I took a graduate class at the School of Education called The Academic Life. Unlike the articles we read on e-learning, which were largely descriptive, one article in particular grabbed my imagination unexpectedly: Robbin Zeff’s “Universal Design Across the Curriculum” (New Directions for Higher Education, no. 137, Spring 2007).

Music Resources Available on the Web

Revitalize Public Domain Music project from the Free Music Archive.

In my last post, I gave an introduction to streaming music resources available through the W&M campus libraries. Today, I’m going to give an introduction to some resources you can use beyond the library. If the collections that we have available through our streaming services or in the library aren’t meeting your course needs, these Web resources might be just what you need!

Why I Settled on Mendeley for Organizing Research


I have recently started to revisit some of the research I’ve collected over the last few years in preparation for the doctoral comprehensive exams, and have realized what a lifesaver the reference organizer and note-taking application Mendeley has been. Back in 2008, I had files across multiple locations and devices — some on a laptop, some on a desktop, some on a collection of flash drives. I hadn’t gotten the hang of this new thing called cloud-based storage. But then I found Mendeley, and my virtual research space has been much tidier ever since.

The Library Is Alive with the Sound of Music!


When I came to William & Mary two years ago, one of the exciting things about being at a liberal arts college was the way that all the performing arts are part of the curriculum across disciplines. In today’s post, I wanted to share some of the resources that the libraries have to support the use of music in your courses!

Making Screen Capture Images with a Mac

This VLC screenshot is much better than the one I took using the Finder and DVD player above!

Making screen captures is quick and easy, and you can use the resulting images in lots of different ways. You can illustrate something to your students in a lecture or discussion, use them for computer-related tutorials, and use them in your research.

Online Research Guides at Swem Library


Swem’s Research Guides are a great way to provide online supplements your courses using Swem’s resources without needing to know how to program.

Four Technology Tips for International Travel

With something like this, you're ready to fit your plug into almost any outlet.

Today I’ve got four quick tips for you on technology and traveling abroad: take a trial run, beware of roaming while roaming, don’t fight the power, and the Internet cafe is your frenemy.

Collaborating on a Conference Panel with Google Drive


Over the past week or so, I’ve been working with a couple of colleagues to put together a panel for a conference we’re applying to. We worked on our rough ideas for the panel via a group email, but when it came time to write our panel summary, I suggested that we could try using a shared Google Drive document. My fellow panelists were game, and it ended up working really well!

Three Quick Tips for Planning Travel with Technology


Many of us often travel abroad and I thought that it would be useful to put down some quick tips on international travel with technology. In this post I cover three important things to think about before you set out on your trip.