Adventures in Tech: Video Hosting with WMApps


It’s always nice to discover something that you need right in your own backyard.  I was poking around the Web and on the same day found out that there was a product called “Google Video for Education” and that the product was discontinued. Why discontinue such a valuable and needed service? Well, I found that […]

Back That Up!


Backing up your data can sometimes feel like a chore, but when you need it, you really, really need it! In this post, John suggests a few different strategies for backing up your data, from stashing thumb drives to using cloud services.

Five Ways to Use Dropbox

Dropbox is a perennial favorite here at Academic Technology.

Dropbox is a file storage and sharing solution that is free and easy to use. In this post, Kim goes over five simple ways that Dropbox can come in handy.

Drowning in Cheap Storage: Hoarding in the Digital Age

The cassette needs help...

What is digital hoarding? In this post, Pablo talks about what it is, and touches on his own experiences as a digital hoarder.