Dedoose: an Alternative Application for Qualitative Data Analysis


As I approach the dissertation phase of my doctoral program, I’m particularly interested in research methods and the software I may need to analyze data. Of course, I’ve taken statistics courses and used SPSS for my quantitative data analysis. However, it looks like my own dissertation research will require qualitative methods and a different kind of software for data analysis. I’ve discovered Dedoose, a relatively new Web-based application that works well for my needs.

Using Surveys to Foster Individual Responsibility for Learning


How might an instructor use surveys to help teach a class? In this post, Gene talks about his technique of having students fill out electronic survey to help him tailor his syllabus to groups of students as well as encourage them to take responsibility for their own learning.

Free Software for the William & Mary Community


Thousands of dollars worth of software can be yours (some restrictions apply…)