VoiceThread in Teaching

This post is written by Denise Johnson, Assistant Professor of Reading Education, School of Education. For some background information on this project, see this blog post. For my project, I will use VoiceThread for multiple purposes in my elementary reading/language arts methods course. Two years ago, I paid for a VoiceThread account and used it as […]

Podcasting in the Classroom

This post is written by Julia Kaziewicz, Graduate Student, American Studies Program/Adjunct English Faculty My project proposes using podcasting in the English 207 classroom in lieu of the traditional short paper, capitalizing on the engagement of rich media to enhance student learning.  Over the course of a semester, each student will be part of a team […]

Integrating Short Films into Russian Language Courses

This post is written by John Lyles, Visiting Assistant Professor of Russian, Department of Modern Languages & Literatures. My project idea has its origin in my Fall semester evaluations.  I am a new hire (Fall ’11), and when I took over second-year Russian during my first semester, I did not want to make any radical changes […]