Creating a Faculty Dossier in Blackboard

This is a temporary fix until the process can be automated by IT. First, you’ll want to download the Faculty Dossier template here:  Download Blackboard Faculty Review template (the file will by default be called Make sure you download the file somewhere you can find it. Next, Create a non-academic Blackboard course site using […]

The Writing on the Wall: Blackboard’s (Chalk)Dust


What is the best way to think about Blackboard’s strengths and weaknesses?

Where Are the W&M Wikis?


Which wiki is right for you? W&M faculty have three different options. Find out which one will work the best for your class.

Copy Content From One Blackboard Site to Another Existing Site


By using the Course Copy tool in Blackboard, you can easily transfer your materials from one course to another.

Create a Non-Academic Blackboard Site


Many people on campus use Blackboard for things other than courses. Find out how to get started using Blackboard beyond the classroom.

How to Create a Blackboard Site


Before you can use Blackboard, you have to create your site. Find out how.