What Do You Do When Your Favorite Tool Goes Away?

The icon for Jing (tears courtesy of Photoshop)

In this post, Mike talks about the discontinuation of one of his favorite applications, the screen-capturing Jing.

Using Rich Media in Study Abroad Student Projects, Part 2: Photography


In this post, Mike talks about how one might go about thinking about using photography projects for study abroad students.

Using Rich Media in Study Abroad Student Projects, Part 1: Video Production


I’m in St. Petersburg, Russia this summer working on a tech-enhanced research project with the William & Mary Study Abroad group, and in preparing for the trip one of my most important considerations was what equipment to bring. Each student project involves telling stories about particular city spaces. There’s a little photography, several video interviews, […]

Rescued by Technology

St. Petersburg Map

Google Maps can do more that just provide a venue for student assignments while abroad. Read about how Mike used Google Maps to help a lost student in St. Petersburg, Russia!

Study Abroad: Preparing for Your Trip

Monastery in the Russian Countryside

In this post, I discuss some software you might want to look into before setting out for a Summer Study Abroad Program, including WordPress for websites, YouTube for videos, and Picasa for images.

The Gorilla in the Classroom


Recently, many factions at the College have become interested in exploring opportunities in e-learning. E-learning is a difficult topic to talk about on campus, with faculty members worried that this means putting classes online and increasing enrollments beyond our capacity, and administrators not quite sure what they mean when they say “e-learning.”  So when our […]

iPad only: a week with no other technology (except a cellphone!)

So my last article was about how useful the iPad was as an academic tool, but I decided it was all pretty abstract, so I thought that a real test of the iPad’s usefulness would be to go a week without using a normal computer and just using the iPad to accomplish all the tasks […]

Me and My iPad


When I thought about writing an essay discussing the iPad and its feasibility as an academic tool, my first thought after using one for the past few months is that the iPad is, for me, a very personal tool, thus the image of Oblio and his dog, Arrow, from the animated film, The Point. If […]

Creating a Faculty Dossier in Blackboard

This is a temporary fix until the process can be automated by IT. First, you’ll want to download the Faculty Dossier template here:  Download Blackboard Faculty Review template (the file will by default be called ExportFile_FACREV-Template.zip. Make sure you download the file somewhere you can find it. Next, Create a non-academic Blackboard course site using […]

The Writing on the Wall: Blackboard’s (Chalk)Dust


What is the best way to think about Blackboard’s strengths and weaknesses?