Laptops in the Classroom – Pros, Cons, and Policies


What kinds of factors should you take into consideration when thinking about a laptop policy for your classes? In this post, Kim discusses several reasons why you might want to let students use their laptops and reasons why you might not, as well as some strategies for laptop policies.

Links for 8-8-2012

In this week’s links, you’ll find a MOOC on MOOCs, why techies should know education theory, and a student who was disciplined for creating an app that would streamline course registration at UCF.

Five Ways to Use Dropbox

Dropbox is a perennial favorite here at Academic Technology.

Dropbox is a file storage and sharing solution that is free and easy to use. In this post, Kim goes over five simple ways that Dropbox can come in handy.

Links for 8-1-2012

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This week’s links feature an blog post about e-learning, a printer that makes 3D objects, a Mac OS computer virus, and the catch-22 of enrollment-based budgets. Click through to read more!

Dictation and Writing with Mountain Lion


The recent update for OS X, Mountain Lion, has a dictation function built into the Finder. In this post, Kim talks about how it works, and testing it out.

Links for 7-25-2012

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Links for this week include a TED talk on MOOCs, a blog on how the Earth changes over time (using Google Earth), a project to translate English-centric JavaScript, the rise of academic jobs in Digital Humanities, and data mining at colleges and universities.

Saving Time with Text Expansion

My TextExpander window.  You type your snippet in the large pane in the upper right and your abbreviation in the bottom right.

Text expansion software can help save time typing. In this post, Kim talks about how she’s dabbled in text expansion software for grading as well as for writing emails.

Links for 7-18-2012

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Links for this week include Evan’s guest post on ProfHacker, more on MOOCs (now at UVA), the 20th anniversary of the first image on the Web, and top five TED talks – including one on the relationship between education and creativity.

Doing Academic Research with Zotero


You’ve probably heard of the reference management tool Zotero – in this post, Kim writes about her experiences using Zotero for research – through its ability to collect, organize, and cite sources.

Links for 7-10-12

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For today’s links, publishers gather data from e-book readers, the Chronicle features faculty reading habits, open-access journals have the potential to change the academic publishing industry, Carnegie Mellon teaches online classes, and faculty raise money for research through Kickstarter.