Digital Identity: What to Put on a Faculty Website


What should a faculty member or advanced graduate student put on a faculty website? In this post, Kim covers what you might want to include in on a basic professional website.

Academic Technology Links for 9-19-12

In this week’s links, you’ll read about how to think about counting multimedia projects for tenure, favorite iPad apps for teachers, and Coursera’s latest expansion. Enjoy!

Google Course Builder — E-Learning, Google Style


With the announcement of the Google Course Builder, a tool for building online courses, what can we expect from this tool, and where might it lead?

Academic Technology Links for 9-12-12

Approved Links

For this week, check out the Google Course Builder, a review of a statistics MOOC, how Google Maps make their maps, the best iPad apps for teaching, and which browsers to use with Blackboard. Enjoy!

From Word to Dropbox and Back Again — Sharing Comments on Text Documents


How do you go about editing and commenting on the same document while in an online writing group or working on other collaborative projects? In this post, I test out two different methods for sharing and commenting on text documents — a Microsoft Word and Dropbox combination and Google Drive. As a bonus, I also test out Scrivener’s ability to convert comments to a Word document.

Links for 9-5-12

In this week’s linked articles, you’ll find out about peer grading in Coursera, an explanation of what a PhD lab in “digital knowledge” is, an infographic of the growth of the internet, a blurb on a new book about being successful in college, and the perils of teaching online. Enjoy!

Academic Technology Links 8-29-12

Approved Links

In this week’s links, read about student feelings about e-textbooks, reports of plagiarism in MOOCs, “digital faculty,” and the potential of video assignments.

Open Source Textbook Resources


Open source textbooks have been getting a lot of attention over the past few months, so in this post, Kim has brought together some resources for people interested in this free resource.

Academic Technology Links for 8-22-12

This week’s links include author China MiĆ©ville on readers remixes, a guide to Evernote, Udacity cancelling a math course due to “low quality,” and saying “yes” to academics self-publishing their work.

Links for 8-15-12

Approved Links

In this weeks links, you’ll find an attempt to define “MOOC,” a useful update for Google Scholar, an earth simulation that may predict the future, and suggestions for keeping your online accounts secure.