Academic Technology Links October 10, 2012

Approved LinksHere are the links we’ve come up for you this week.  Enjoy!


Google’s underwater street view lets users explore the underwater vistas of the Great Barrier Reef, and the ocean floor around Hawaii and the Philippines.  There’s some cool videos that you can watch as well as panoramic underwater images, and Google partnered with the Catlin Seaview Survey in order to provide these images.

ROSALIND: An Addictive Bioinformatics Learning Site — Bioinformatics proving ground for budding researchers.

“More Technology, Please” — This article suggests that professors use more technology in the classroom than they used to, and that students like this trend.  An interesting read!

“Creating Interactive Lessons Using TED-Ed” —  From the article, “TED-Ed is a platform that allows educators to take any video and make a lesson out of it.”  I can see this being useful in many disciplines, since TED Talks cover so many topics and feature all kinds of expert speakers.

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