Academic Technology Links for January 4, 2013

For the links this week, I’ve gathered up posts on a tool for scheduling meetings and one for marking up PDFs, information on costing out a digital humanities lab, a how-to for adding narration to PowerPoint slides, and seven hot education technology topics for 2013. Enjoy!


Interested in online appointment scheduling this coming semester?  Here’s a post about how to do that with online scheduling service YouCanBook.Me: How to Customize YouCanBook.Me to Replace Google Calendar Appointment Slots or Tungle Scheduling Tool

Along the line of useful tools for the semester, there’s also a editorial on ProfHacker about a PDF annotation tool called PDFpen that looks handy for those of use that like to grade student writing digitally, or otherwise mark up PDFs (and use a Mac).

Costing Out a Small Digital Humanities Lab — Does your college or university not have a digital humanities lab? Well, this article covers how to do digital humanities on a budget, and explains what it might take to put a small lab together.

Add Voice Over to PowerPoint Presentations in 5 Easy Steps — This how-to shows how to do screen casting with a PowerPoint slideshow — a useful trick to know about if you’re thinking about flipping your classroom.

7 Education Technology Topics in 2012 That Will Be Hotter in 2013 — MOOCs top off the list, of course!

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