Academic Technology Links for February 15, 2013

link_postThe links for this week feature an interview with Gene Roche, the singularity, password (in)security, another story of DMCA abuse, and, as always, some MOOC news. Enjoy!


First up this week, our own Gene Roche is featured in this article on Free Open Courseware.

A World Without School? is about how the singularity might affect technology and education.

According to P@$$1234: The End of Strong Password-Only Security. Deloitte predicts that 8-character passwords will become insecure in 2013.

Site Plagiarizes Blog Posts, Then Files DMCA Takedown on Original — The DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) continues to prove itself a mess of abusive potential.

In MOOC-related news this week, we have a story from the Chronicle — American Council on Education Recommends 5 MOOCs for Credit. a story about how Yale is investigating its options for offering online courses, and from the Tomorrow’s Professor mailing list — MOOCS: What Part of LEarning Goes on Where and How?

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