Links for 6-27-2012

Some links that may be of interest below.  Enjoy!

The Right Way to Lead Higher Education Through the Digital Age – This is an impressive list of UVA achievements in technology, particularly in the humanities. Siva Vaidhyanathan is a faculty member at UVA who really understands technology.  His books, Anarchist in the Library and The Googlization of Everything are interesting works from the point of view of a specialist in cultural and media studies.

An Online Encyclopedia That Writes Itself – From MIT’s Technology Review blog – the U. S. government will soon have a computer system that “reads” and compiles data on people and organizations from websites and compiles it into dossiers.  Interesting implications here since this is part of a trend of computers performing cognitive tasks that we used to think that only humans could do. (Jeopardy!, anyone?)

It All Began with a Strange Email – An article by economics professor Yanis Varoufakis whose blog attracted the attention of the president of Valve, a video game company.  Valve’s president contacted him to see if he would consult on the “virtual economies” of their games, and this is how Varoufakis became the “economist-in-residence” of the company.

DIY Aerial Photography in a Crowd – From UVA’s Scholars’ Lab, an article and some impressive images from an aerial photography rig used to take pictures of a crowd as part of an attempt to document UVA President Sullivan’s resignation.

From the Academic Technology archives – In case you missed it the first time, an article on William & Mary professor Ann Marie Stock’s video assignments.

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