Academic Technology Links for June 28, 2013

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The links this week include WYSIWYG editors, courses and resources for courses available online, and a critique of providing iPads for students. Enjoy!

The Inline Grading Tool: Blackboard’s Electronic Red Pen

red pen

You might miss the feeling of the red pen in your hand, not to mention its ability to clearly mark portions of an assignment, when students submit assignments electronically through Blackboard. Thankfully, Blackboard’s inline grading process is a red pen for the electronic age.

Academic Technology Links for June 21, 2013

Approved Links

The links this week include two talks about technology, an upcoming conference in Richmond about higher ed and technology, and some tips for using an RSS feed. Enjoy!

Online Assignments and Student Privacy

Keeping an online course space private is one option, but it may undermine some of your teaching objectives.

The more that instructors incorporate online writing assignments into their courses, the more we need to think about the issues surrounding student-produced Web content. One of these issues is that of ensuring students’ privacy online while having them produce public-facing online work. So, what exactly is the concern for student-produced Web projects, and what can we do as instructors to protect our students’ privacy?

Secure Digital Media? Forgeddaboudit.

Are guys like this trying to get at your digital media when you don't want them to?

Once your media is on a screen you don’t control, you don’t control it anymore! So what do you do with your video and audio files you want to share but still want to keep secure, that is, prevent someone else from downloading?

Academic Technology Links for June 14, 2013

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The links this week include MOOCs (of course!), e-textbook usage, and Open Badges. Enjoy!

Finding Images for Your Web Content


If you’ve ever created a website or written a blog post, you’ve probably thought about adding images to your site. But where do you find images that are safe to use without having to worry about copyright violations?

The W&M-China Initiative: Digital Learning in Cross-Cultural Pedagogy

Skyping between W&M and Beijing Normal University students.

In this guest post by Professor Emily Wilcox, she talks about some of the exciting courses that are part of the grant project W&M-China Initiative for Film and New Media. This project hopes to explore how digital tools can help center teaching and learning on cross-cultural exchanges.

Academic Technology Links for June 7, 2013

Approved Links

The links this week include a reference for open source licenses, a new online course platform, MOOC student retention and the notion of “open” courses, and the (sometimes) rocky relationships between IT and higher ed. Enjoy!

Debugging Your Image Problems: Help for New Website Admins


Since joining W&M’s IT department in 2008, I have seen a lot of messed up websites. Some of them are beyond help — old Web applications developed more than a decade ago that need the attention of a dedicated developer. But most errors on William & Mary’s websites are relatively easy to fix even if you don’t have much experience with, patience for, or a desire to learn, HTML. Luckily, finding and fixing these errors doesn’t have to be complicated.