Academic Technology links for October 31, 2012

Click through to read this weeks links: We have a computer science professor who gives students feedback via audio commentary, productivity strategies for professors, and an article about how students use social media. Enjoy!

Managing Your To-Do Lists


Managing to-do lists and tasks sometimes threatens to become a full-time job. In this post, Kim suggests ways to make the most of task management and to-do list systems.

Learning in the E(ye) of the Beholder

Although all teaching uses technology of some kind (like the abacus), that's not what we mean when we talk about e-learning.

Mentioning e-learning to people is likewise liable to elicit a lot of different ideas. Mention “e-learning at William & Mary” and that situation weights an already fuzzy topic with all the stakes of another: an older and more storied one, a proud and precious one, laced with tradition and values. The two might seem juxtaposed, the one impersonal as a glowing screen observed by a lone student, the other more like the warm glow of the Yule Log on the faces of a host of students. How can these things ever go together? In this post, John addresses this question.

Academic Technology Links for October 24, 2012

We bring you this week’s links — visualizing Google’s data centers, mapping the Grand Canyon, an online computer science course where you build your own computer, faculty weighing in on lecture capture, Raspberry Pi, and UVA’s experiences with Massive Open Online Courses.

Tips for Managing Email

The empty email inbox.  So beautiful!

The Internet is full of blog posts and articles about productivity, and much of those are about managing your email. Figuring out how to manage one’s email inbox can help you feel much more efficient with your time — there’s nothing like an empty inbox to make you feel like you’re on top of things. The key for managing your email is figuring out what works for you to feel in control of your inbox and reduce email-related anxiety. I’ve put together a few tips and resources for email management in this post.

Texting While Driving: My Battle with Addiction


In this post, Mike talks about his problem of texting while driving.

Academic Technology Links for October 17, 2012

The links for this week explain free open textbooks, the history of technology, how to create a professional presence online, and what a MOOC is. Click through to read more!

Do-It-Yourself Audio Commentary for Films


Cued-up audio files of film commentary are becoming more popular. Independently recording audio commentary for a film avoids copyright issues and could let you provide students with pre-recorded information they can listen to along with an assigned film. In this post, Kim talks about the ways that the idea of independent audio commentary could help instructors use media in the classroom.

Making the Switch to Online Evaluations

Paper evaluations may soon be a thing of the past.

A new online evaluation system at the College will help make course evaluations more humane and environmentally responsible, as well as more useful for instructors. Click through to read more about why we’re making the switch.

Academic Technology Links October 10, 2012

This week, catch up on some academic technology-related articles we’ve gathered from the Web! Read about Google’s new underwater street view, bioinformatics learning site ROSALIND, students who want their professors to use more technology in the classroom, and TED-Ed (a platform for using TED Talks in education). Enjoy!