Links for 8-8-2012

In this week’s links, you’ll find a MOOC on MOOCs, why techies should know education theory, and a student who was disciplined for creating an app that would streamline course registration at UCF.

Five Ways to Use Dropbox

Dropbox is a perennial favorite here at Academic Technology.

Dropbox is a file storage and sharing solution that is free and easy to use. In this post, Kim goes over five simple ways that Dropbox can come in handy.

Student Thoughts About Podcasting Assignments

If we weren't required to leave the room, we would probably look like this...(Leaning over the table while students write)

When requiring students to complete non-traditional assignments like blogging and podcasting, it can be difficult to predict how students might respond to these kinds of learning activities. In this post, Evan shares some of the input he received from students who did blogging and podcasting in his classes. He also shares the questions he uses for his Technology Evaluation that he asks students to fill out at the end of the semester.

Links for 8-1-2012

Approved Links

This week’s links feature an blog post about e-learning, a printer that makes 3D objects, a Mac OS computer virus, and the catch-22 of enrollment-based budgets. Click through to read more!