Three Things to Consider When Starting an Online Writing Group

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Thinking about participating in an online writing group? If so, Evan has some tips in this post for helping things run smoothly.

Academic Technology Links 8-29-12

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In this week’s links, read about student feelings about e-textbooks, reports of plagiarism in MOOCs, “digital faculty,” and the potential of video assignments.

Open Source Textbook Resources


Open source textbooks have been getting a lot of attention over the past few months, so in this post, Kim has brought together some resources for people interested in this free resource.

Inconvenient Truths about MOOCs

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MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) have been unavoidable in discussions of the role of technology in higher education. In this post, Gene gives an overview of those discussions, as well as the reasons why we need to pay attention to how MOOCs could transform the ways that we teach and learn.

Academic Technology Links for 8-22-12

This week’s links include author China Miéville on readers remixes, a guide to Evernote, Udacity cancelling a math course due to “low quality,” and saying “yes” to academics self-publishing their work.

Using WordPress in Your Class for Student Writing and Websites

Thinking about using a Web-based assignment in a class this semester? If so, this post covers the basics of assigning these kinds of projects to students. Evan also lists many resources for writing Web-based assignments using WordPress, as well as tutorials to help you get started.

Digital Hoarding — Four Ways for Taking Control of Your Mailbox


Does your email feel out of control and disorganized, and/or are you having trouble keeping on top of it all? In this post, Pablo suggests four ways that you can start to tame your unruly email inbox.

Links for 8-15-12

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In this weeks links, you’ll find an attempt to define “MOOC,” a useful update for Google Scholar, an earth simulation that may predict the future, and suggestions for keeping your online accounts secure.

Laptops in the Classroom – Pros, Cons, and Policies


What kinds of factors should you take into consideration when thinking about a laptop policy for your classes? In this post, Kim discusses several reasons why you might want to let students use their laptops and reasons why you might not, as well as some strategies for laptop policies.

Back That Up!


Backing up your data can sometimes feel like a chore, but when you need it, you really, really need it! In this post, John suggests a few different strategies for backing up your data, from stashing thumb drives to using cloud services.