Drowning in Cheap Storage: Hoarding in the Digital Age

The cassette needs help...

What is digital hoarding? In this post, Pablo talks about what it is, and touches on his own experiences as a digital hoarder.

Links for 6-27-2012


Read on for some links that may be of interest for the week of June 27, 2012. Today’s academic technology links include DIY aerial documentation of current events at UVA, leading higher ed in the digital age, and a self-writing encyclopedia.

Five Things Scrivener Can Do for You (Besides Word Processing)


Writing and organizing research for a large project can be a frustrating task. Scrivener, an application designed just for this purpose, works great as a word processor and all-around writing workspace. In this post, Kim talks about the things that Scrivener can do for you.

Using Surveys to Foster Individual Responsibility for Learning


How might an instructor use surveys to help teach a class? In this post, Gene talks about his technique of having students fill out electronic survey to help him tailor his syllabus to groups of students as well as encourage them to take responsibility for their own learning.

WMApps: What’s That?


What is WMApps and what Google Apps tools are available for students and faculty to use? In this post, I explain the student access to Google Docs, Google Sites, and Google Reader via their W&M gmail accounts.

Rescued by Technology

St. Petersburg Map

Google Maps can do more that just provide a venue for student assignments while abroad. Read about how Mike used Google Maps to help a lost student in St. Petersburg, Russia!

Drawn In: Collaborative Storytelling and Brandon Generator


What does the writer/director of Shaun of the Dead and Scott Pilgrim have to show us about writing and publishing collaboratively on the Web?