How Academic Information Services Engineering Works


A year or so ago, when IT was reorganizing its website, I was asked to write a blurb about what my team does. I can’t remember the exact circumstances—though it was likely a busy time—but I do remember that nobody was really satisfied with the result that lives on our Academic Information Services Web page: […]

Rich Media in the Classroom (Podcast)


April talks to Anne Charity-Hudley, Arthur Knight, and Sharon Zuber about how they integrate images and sounds into English, Film Studies, and Linguistics courses.

On Experts and Expertise with Paul Heideman (Podcast)

Gene Roche sits down with W&M biology professor Paul Heideman to talk about research in the field of expertise and how to apply it to student learning. In this podcast, they talk about what it means to be an expert as well as how experts think about and solve problems differently than novices.

The Gorilla in the Classroom


Recently, many factions at the College have become interested in exploring opportunities in e-learning. E-learning is a difficult topic to talk about on campus, with faculty members worried that this means putting classes online and increasing enrollments beyond our capacity, and administrators not quite sure what they mean when they say “e-learning.”  So when our […]

Finding WordPress Help


When starting to use WordPress, finding answers to your questions can be overwhelming. Because so many people use WordPress to run their web sites, there are countless options for finding assistance. Understanding a little more about WordPress can help you narrow down your options and get the help you need.

Blended Learning at the E-Learning Community Meeting

blended learning

At February 2012’s  eLearning Community Meeting hosted at the Mason School of Business, Ed School professor Judi Harris shared with us an overview of blended learning.  While most faculty at William & Mary already use blended learning in their classes – for example through using Blackboard discussion boards, or wikis – they may not realize […]

Why We’re in the Prediction Business

Join the committee to help us decide which LMS we should use!

In some ways my job is to be a bit of a predictor. We have to be constantly surveying the technology landscape to separate significant technology tools and techniques from the passing fads or temporary enthusiasms. Mercifully, most of my predictions are pretty private–like when I walked out of a demo in 1999 and told anyone who would listen that this wireless stuff would never catch on; it was just too slow and insecure. (I also ridiculed YouTube, which now serves up four billion videos a day, including hundreds of channels dedicated to “serious” learning.)