Wiki Writing in Prague (Podcast)


Jim Barber, Assistant Professor of Higher Education, and April Lawrence, Academic Technologist in the School of Education, recently sat down to chat about how Dr. Barber used WM Wikis to support a travel abroad experience to Prague, Czech Republic. [audio:] Interview with Dr. Barber: Wiki Writing in Prague (Download Audio Podcast) Dr. Barber and a […]

What is the “Spatial Turn”? GIS and the Historian

World Map Project: China Map

What does historical research look like when using GIS?

Me and My iPad


When I thought about writing an essay discussing the iPad and its feasibility as an academic tool, my first thought after using one for the past few months is that the iPad is, for me, a very personal tool, thus the image of Oblio and his dog, Arrow, from the animated film, The Point. If […]

Creating a Faculty Dossier in Blackboard

This is a temporary fix until the process can be automated by IT. First, you’ll want to download the Faculty Dossier template here:  Download Blackboard Faculty Review template (the file will by default be called Make sure you download the file somewhere you can find it. Next, Create a non-academic Blackboard course site using […]