We here at William & Mary’s Academic Information Services (AIS) are always happy to meet with faculty members to help them with any technology-related academic issues.  Take a look at these tutorials for three popular sets of technology tools to help you, or contact your academic technology specialist for individual help.

Course Management with Blackboard

You can find W&M’s Blackboard tutorials here. Provided by the AIS staff at the College, these tutorials will help you with the most common and useful Blackboard features. If you don’t see a help topic you’re interested in here, please contact us at bbhelp@wm.edu or contact Mike Blum at mxblum@wm.edu.

wikispaces_logoCollaborate with WMwikis

You can find WMwikis tutorials here. William & Mary holds a Private Label license with Wikispaces, called WMwikis.  All members of the W&M community are invited to create and collaborate using this tool. Our tutorials provide demonstrations of the most frequently asked questions from WMwikis users.  If you don’t see a help topic you’re interested in here, please contact April Lawrence at adlawrence@wm.edu.

Build a Website or Blog with WordPress

You can find W&M’s WordPress tutorials here. W&M uses WordPress to run approximately 600 blogs and websites through blogs.wm.edu. Anyone with a W&M email address can sign up for an account and can easily publish their own website. If you need help with WordPress and would like a tutorial not already available, please send an email to wordpress@wm.edu.