Sign Up for an Account on an Existing WordPress Site

Most people using are users on a site that someone else runs.  For example, many professors set up a site and then have all the students in a class register for that blog.

1. Go to

1 - 5.) Make sure to select "Just a username, please."

2. Enter a username that you would like to use

3. Enter the email address you would like associated with this account.  ( uses this email address to send you your password if you forget it and to notify administrators of service outages)

4. Make sure “Just a username, please.” is checked.

5. Click “Next”

6. At this point, will send you an email containing an activation link.  Click that link to activate your account and recieve your password.

7.  Log in to your new account.  If your professor is using the “Add User widget,” navigate to your class blog and sign up for the blog in the sidebar.  If your professor is adding student’s manually, send the professor an email saying you have successfully signed up for  Make sure to include your username and the email you entered in steps 2 & 3 in your email–that is what your professor will use to register you for the blog.

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Evan Cordulack is a Web Applications Specialist for Academic Technology. He helps faculty members with Web-based projects related to their research and teaching. He earned his PhD in American Studies at William & Mary in 2013. Find him at