Survey Center

Survey research has become an important tool of measurement and collection of data. The College of William & Mary offers several supported survey solutions for conducting online survey research for academic and administrative purposes. These tools will allow you to create surveys, collect and store data, and produce reports.

Below you will find a detailed description of the three different services we provide: Tribe Responses, Survey Center and the Drop Off Center. Please take a minute to examine them and select the service that will best meet your needs.

Students, faculty and staff can request more information by contacting Gene Roche at 221-1879 or

Tribe Responses

Tribe Responses was developed by people at W&M for people at W&M. It is free, supported Web-based software designed for faculty, students, and staff. This tool will help you design your form or simple survey step by step.

If you need to design a simple form or survey that requires your respondents to use our campus username and password (LDAP) you should use Tribe Responses.

To create a simple web form and/or design a survey all you need is an internet connection and your WMuserid.

Let’s Get Started!

Survey Center

The Survey Center is a cooperative arrangement between Information Technology and our Government Department that offers supported survey design solutions to William & Mary students, faculty and staff.

Do I Need to Go Through the Survey Center?

Tribe Responses will fit most users’ needs. However, depending on the nature and features of your form or survey we may recommend a different survey design tool. In the following instances you will need to go through the Survey Center in order to determine which tool will fit your needs best:

  • If you want to send your form or survey to more than 400 respondents.
  • If you need to set up invitations and reminders.
  • If your form/survey requires branching.
  • If you want to limit off-campus respondents to one form or survey response (one response per computer)

How Do I Get Started?

Please start by completing this form so we can determine which available tool will fit your needs best: Survey form

The Survey Center will recommend one of the following tools or services depending on the type of form or survey you want to design:

  1. One of our supported survey tools:
    • Opinio
    • Qualtrics
  2. Other alternatives such as Google Docs, Survey Monkey (see Alternatives)

Opinio is web-based software application which provides an efficient and secure way for researchers to design online surveys, collect data, analyze results and generate reports. We are in the process of phasing out Opinio due to a new licensed contract with Qualtrics. Opinio will be available until the end of 2010. Current Opinio account holders and designated users will be able to continue to use Opinio until then.

Qualtrics The college has secured unlimited licenses for our Arts & Sciences faculty and staff with Qualtrics. It is a hosted web-based software solution which allows users to create surveys and conduct statistical analysis. Qualtrics provides a flexible and robust platform for designing, distributing, and evaluating survey
results. It introduces W&M to a complete and comprehensive survey design solution through Qualtrics University which offers many training services to the user.

Alternatives If Tribe Responses or any of our other supported solutions and services do not match your needs, there are other survey design tools you may want to consider to collect information. Visit our Alternatives webpage to learn more about other options.

You can request more information about our survey services by contacting Gene Roche at 221-1879 or

Drop off Center

This is a service available to students, faculty and staff who have a simple survey (up to 20 questions) that does not require branching and needs to be deployed in a short and speedy manner. One of our survey staff members can design it for you. The cost is $20 per survey.

Someone from our survey design group will meet with you to discuss the details of your request, design and launch the survey, and generate your reports.

Start by contacting Gene Roche at 221-1879 or to obtain further information.

You will need to provide:

  • Departmental approval, a Banner Index and an account number
  • The text of all introductory material, directions and questions
  • Email addresses for all your invitees (survey respondents)