In the W&M Classroom

If you were a faculty member who wanted to project a computer image as part of your class a decade ago, you would call the registrar and try to schedule “the high tech classroom.” Today the classroom support team assists faculty with using virtually every type of media in over 100 registrar-scheduled classrooms on the main campus. (W&M Law, Business and VIMS have their own classroom support teams.) Myron Hall has managed the Classroom Support team since its creation; contact her if have any questions about classroom support at 221-3011, 221-2401 or via email at

Basic Classroom Technology: A “Medium Tech” Approach

Our classrooms have capabilities that far outstrip those that were included in the high-tech classroom of ten years ago, but the classroom support team still focuses on maintaining a “medium tech” infrastructure that is easy to use, and that has a relatively small number of parts that can be easily swapped out if something breaks. Our classroom computers are shared by a wide range of faculty members with differing demands for resources, so the actual configuration of computers and AV equipment might change from class to class. Each podium has regularly updated documentation on a laminated card and each classroom has a telephone that can be use to contact members of the classroom support team. Most questions can be answered over the phone, but we have staff standing by with a golf cart and a stepladder if they’re needed.

Presentation classrooms have a computer podium and projector, VCR, DVD, a speaker system and a laptop connection. Multimedia classrooms have more elaborate suites of equipment; some small seminar rooms don’t have media equipment. You can check the equipment available in any particular classroom. You can also use this link to check our classrooms’ physical characteristics such as room type, number of seats and seating type.

Classroom Podium Software

The desktop computers come with a standard suite of software that includes web browsers, media players and a full suite of productivity tools. Some classrooms have specialty suites of software provided by departments. Each faculty member has a personal profile on the machine, and you can get additional software installed by contacting your academic technology specialist.


William & Mary provides two full featured videoconferencing facilities: Morton Hall Millennium Classroom and our collaborative classroom in Washington 315. Any member of the College community can request access to the facilities to conduct a videoconference according to the existing policy. If you have an interesting use for video conferencing, contact Dave Shantz at to discuss the possibilities as early as possible. Running a successful video conference requires a fair amount of communication between technical staff at both institutions.

The College provides a network of computer labs distributed across the campus, public computing labs. Some of these labs have been configured to be used effectively as hands-on computer classrooms, reserve a lab. Faculty members who need access to labs for hands-on instruction are encouraged to meet with the academic technology specialist assigned to your department or program. The PAC labs themselves are maintained by the staff at the Technology Support Center, managed by Chris Ward, 221-2948,

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