Academic Storage

Information Technology (IT) provides additional network storage space to W&M faculty, students and research groups needing larger amounts of storage for academically-related digital materials. This storage system is for the exclusive use of materials directly related to academic endeavors at W&M. The use of this storage space is also subject to the William and Mary Acceptable Use Policy (Student Policy | Faculty & Staff Policy)

When working on files that require a high levels of drive activity, such as data being used by the HPC, multimedia project files, GIS datasets, etc, data should be moved locally to the machine doing the work, and new data generated can be moved back to ACStore once processing is complete.


Request additional Storage Space through our request webpage.

Accessing Your Storage Space

Disk Quotas:

Faculty members, graduate students and undergraduates conducting honors projects will automatically be given space on this server by request.  By default faculty will receive 100GB, and all other users will receive 40GB of storage space. Research groups will receive a total of 100GB of storage space following request approval.


Owners of group storage space manage access control (permissions) to their shares in conjunction with Information Technology.

Backup/Disaster Recovery

IT will backup all storage spaces every day at 12:05am and will provide access to these snapshot backups to end-users.  IT will archive daily snapshots for 42 days.  There will be no live backups, tape backups or other off-site storage of any of the data by Information Technology.
More information about how to retrieve your daily snapshot backups can be found here: [insert link]

Terms of Service

IT will do it’s best to keep this system available on a 24×7 basis. However, we reserve the right to schedule normal maintenance and will attempt to apply such maintenance during off-hours. Should the ACStore become unavailable, we will attempt to recover the system as quickly as possible, but should it fail for any reason outside of normal business hours, we cannot guarantee that it will be resolved until normal business hours.

Termination of Use

Data contained in ACStore will be deleted eight months after the graduation, separation, or termination of the primary owner of the individual or group research share “space” from the College of William & Mary.  Data may also become unavailable due to a violation the College’s Acceptable Use Policy.