Rich Media Grants

In the spring of 2012, the College of William & Mary announced a series of grants to assist faculty in expanding their use of rich media to enhance student learning. These grants were made possible by a collaboration among the Swem Library, Academic Information Services, and the Roy Charles Center.

While applications are now closed, if you would like to incorporate media into your classroom please contact Gene Roche, Director of Academic Information Services or Troy Davis, Director of Swem Media Center.

2012 Grant Recipients

  • Naama Zahavi-Ely, Classics: Integrating performing arts productions and arts-oriented YouTube videos into Greek and Roman Mythology lecture courses
  • Barbette Spaeth, Classics: Enhancing lecture course on Roman Civilization with audio, video, mapping, architectural simulations and other state of the art teaching tools
  • Denise Wade, Dance: Using video tools to enhance the teaching of dance, including introductions to “Dance for the Camera”
  • Denise Johnson, Education: Using VoiceThread software to enhance student communication
  • Sharon Zuber, Literary and Cultural Studies: Creating a multi-media historical narrative about the Lodges at William & Mary
  • John Lyles, Modern Languages: Integrating short films into Russian language courses
  • Peng Yu, Modern Languages: Encourage students to use Chinese language in daily life by producing and transcribing a series of videos which mimic real-life settings
  • James Barber, Education: Producing learning modules that introduce students to the basic concepts of student development in order to maximizes face-to-face interaction
  • Paul Kieffaber, Psychology: Integrating the iPad into the Physical Psychology classroom and creating a public website to encourage discussion around classroom iPad usage
  • Alexander Prokhorov, Modern Languages and Mike Blum, Information Technology: Creating a database to manage contacts and maintain transnational communities created by undergraduate international research projects in St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Kimberley Chandler, Education: Developing video clips of students and teachers for instructional purposes in gifted education
  • Julia Kaziewicz, American Studies: Using podcasts in introductory English courses instead of traditional papers
  • Tim Barnard, American Studies: Exploring more effective ways of assessing students’ understandings of film as an art form