Why We’re in the Prediction Business

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In some ways my job is to be a bit of a predictor. We have to be constantly surveying the technology landscape to separate significant technology tools and techniques from the passing fads or temporary enthusiasms. Mercifully, most of my predictions are pretty private–like when I walked out of a demo in 1999 and told anyone who would listen that this wireless stuff would never catch on; it was just too slow and insecure. (I also ridiculed YouTube, which now serves up four billion videos a day, including hundreds of channels dedicated to “serious” learning.)

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Favorite Apps Brown Bag


At the first IT and Swem collaborative brown bag of the semester, Swem Library hosted an open mic event for faculty and staff to come and share their favorite mobile apps.  In this post I’ll do a brief overview of the apps shared and give a time-stamp from the Adobe Connect recording if you’re interested […]

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Using Reference Managers


“Using Reference Managers” was the third of Swem Library and Academic Technology’s three-part brown bag series Thinking About Next Semester: Simple Tools You Can Use to Enhance Your Classes. This brown bag featured an overview of three different reference manager tools – RefWorks, Zotero, and Mendeley.  In this post I’ll cover what each presenter talked about […]

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Change a Display Name


One of the easiest things you can do to make your blog posts look a little more polished is to change how your name appears in your byline.  WordPress allows you to change this easily in your Profile. 1.) Log in to your site. 2.) Click on your name in the Admin Bar in the […]

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iPad only: a week with no other technology (except a cellphone!)

So my last article was about how useful the iPad was as an academic tool, but I decided it was all pretty abstract, so I thought that a real test of the iPad’s usefulness would be to go a week without using a normal computer and just using the iPad to accomplish all the tasks […]

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Working with Video in the Classroom

Films on Demand Logo

Swem Library in collaboration with Academic Technology hosted a recent brown bag on video resources as the second part of a three-part series called Thinking About Next Semester:  Simple Tools You Can Use to Enhance Your Classes. The “Working with Video in the Classroom” brown bag featured three presentations on the video resources available to […]

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Teaching and Researching with Images


  In collaboration with Academic Technology, Swem Library staff hosted a recent brown bag as the first part of a three-part series called Thinking About Next Semester: Simple Tools You Can Use to Enhance Your Classes. In this post, based on the “Images in the Classroom – and Beyond!” brown bag, I’ll give you a […]

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Wiki Writing in Prague (Podcast)


Jim Barber, Assistant Professor of Higher Education, and April Lawrence, Academic Technologist in the School of Education, recently sat down to chat about how Dr. Barber used WM Wikis to support a travel abroad experience to Prague, Czech Republic. [audio:http://at.blogs.wm.edu/wp-content/files/2011/11/lawrence_barber.mp3] Interview with Dr. Barber: Wiki Writing in Prague (Download Audio Podcast) Dr. Barber and a […]

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What is the “Spatial Turn”? GIS and the Historian

World Map Project: China Map

What does historical research look like when using GIS?

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Me and My iPad


When I thought about writing an essay discussing the iPad and its feasibility as an academic tool, my first thought after using one for the past few months is that the iPad is, for me, a very personal tool, thus the image of Oblio and his dog, Arrow, from the animated film, The Point. If […]

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