Links for 9-5-12

Approved LinksHere are our chosen links for this week — enjoy!


“The Problems with Peer Grading in Coursera” — The issue of how to grade and provide good feedback on written work has always been a sticky one in trying expand the the reach of higher ed.  Grading and feedback on essays doesn’t come cheap.  Peer review and robo grading have come a long way on assessing, but developmental feedback is much tougher.

“What Exactly Is a PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge?” — From the website: “The Duke PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge (@DukePhDLab) is a local program based on the idea that every student earning a doctorate these days in the humanities and social sciences should have facility with various information technologies that have transformed the way we communicate, interact, publish, do research, and create scholarly networks with peers in other fields, at other institutions.”

“The Internet a Decade Later” — An infographic showing the growth of the internet since 2002.

“What the Best College Students Do” — Ken Bain’s book What the Best College Teachers Do has been one of Gene’s favorites since its publication in 2004.  He’s looking forward to reading this series of case studies of students and their lives after college.

“Pushing Through the Perils of Teaching Online” — This is an excellent example of transparent teaching evaluation of the transition from face-to-face to online teaching.

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