Links for 7-25-2012

Some links for your reading pleasure this week:


Peter Norvig on “The 100,000 Student Classroom” – Excellent summary (via a YouTube video) of some of the lessons learned in the artificial intelligence class that launched the MOOC movement.

“Google Earth Time Machine” – Geologists, ecologists, and GIS-heads will appreciate this blog on how our earth changes over time, from both natural and human causes.

“JavaScript for the Rest of Us” – An effort to translate JavaScript (which is English-centric) has implemented enough languages to cover over 50% of world population.  It’s an ephemeral academic link, but speaks to access and avoiding bias in technology.

“No DH, No Interview” – A lot of academic job postings mention “Digital Humanities,” but is this what institutions and applicants need?

“Big Data on Campus” – Arizona State University (among other colleges and universities) is using data mining in order to change how they approach course schedule advising and other student-oriented administrative tasks.

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