Links for 7-10-12

Some links of interest for the week of 7/10/12 below.  Enjoy!

“Your E-Book Is Reading You” – Publishers are getting more information about how people read through looking at data gathered from e-book readers.

“My Daily Read” – This section of the Chronicle features interviews of faculty members about their reading habits–both electronic and paper-based. This particular article is about Columbia English professor Jenny Davidson’s reading habits.

“Scholastica and DIY Open Access Journals”Scholastica: this is a new open access journal service, one of a few that are starting to crop up.  We wonder how this might change the landscape of academic publishing.

“Online Learning and Liberal Arts Colleges” – Courses like those at Carnegie Mellon have been largely overlooked by the their flashier cousins the MOOCS, but they may have as much if not more long-term impact on how students really learn. Students can learn skills in clearly defined domains like intro stats at twice the rate of traditional courses, it seems that universities have an ethical responsibility to seriously consider them.

“A Kickstarter for Academic Research” – A Kickstarter (crowd-funded) project for scientific research in academia, apparently one of the first of its kind.

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