Finding Help for Blackboard Is Now Easier

I’ve recently returned from Blackboard World, a week-long conference filled with Blackboard workshops and vendor presentations. One of the most interesting presentations I saw showcased the redesign of the Blackboard help system.

BB Help option

How to Find Blackboard Help

Our default course shell includes a link to the Blackboard help at the bottom of the course navigation. Research from Blackboard has found that many people don’t know what Blackboard product or version they’re using.

Here at W&M, clicking on the help link takes you to the Blackboard help site for our version of Blackboard. The link goes directly to the “Student” page, so professors will need to use the drop down box in the upper right to select “Instructor.”

The Redesign Streamlines Your Questions

The Blackboard help site redesign has been carefully planned to insure that all bookmarks and links from the old system will still work when the redesign is complete. If you’ve saved the link to the page with the format for uploading test questions or the steps for submitting an assignment, you’ll still find them in the same place.

The new responsive design will be more important for first time users. When they arrive on the main page, they will be presented with a few simple questions. Each question appears alone on the screen with a pair of possible answers. The questions sort incoming users and send them to the content they need.

And You’ll Get More Help Finding What You Need

help redesign
If the questions do you lead to the wrong place, Blackboard has created simple descriptions of each Blackboard product. The descriptions, example images, and short videos of each product will help you find the right set of help pages. From there users can search for key terms or browse through a table of contents.

The Blackboard Help pages are designed for Blackboard users from around the world. Help pages are available in twenty-six different languages from Arabic to Vietnamese. Students who are more comfortable learning about Blackboard in their native language should start on those pages — the content is the same!

Login and Password Questions

The most common question that sends people to the Blackboard help page is “What’s my password?” or “How do I log on?” Here at W&M your Blackboard password is your main W&M password. The log on information you use to access your Banner account will get you into Blackboard. If you reset your Banner or W&M network password, you’ll need to use that new password to get into Blackboard. The exception to this rule is the non William & Mary user accounts. Those accounts are established by someone at W&M for a user outside of our system. Their passwords are only maintained in the Blackboard system.

Regardless of your password type, passwords cannot be sent by email. Blackboard password resets must be done over the phone. If you need a new password, call the Technology Support Center,  757-221-4357 (1-HELP).

For more information about the Blackboard help redesign, visit the Redesign information page.

Need Blackboard help? Contact the Blackboard team at or by contacting the TSC 757-221-4357 (1-HELP),

Want self-service Blackboard help? Try the Blackboard help pages.