Embed Videos with WordPress

WordPress makes it very easy for you to embed videos into your posts and pages. “Embedding” a video means that you are including a video on your site that is stored on a different video site such as YouTube.

Here is an example of an embedded video:

If you use embedded videos, your site’s visitors can watch the video “inside” your site instead of having to downloading the video file first.

There are several ways to embed videos.  If you want to use a video on YouTube, all you have to do is copy the URL from the video you want to embed, and paste it into your WordPress post or page.  WordPress recognizes this URL and will insert the video into your post or page for you.

If you have a video from another video site that you would like to embed, that process takes a few more (simple) steps.

  • Go to Plugins and activate the “Viper’s Video Quicktags” plugin.  This plugin will allow you to quickly embed videos from sites like Vimeo and Blip.tv.
  • When editing a post or page, you will see some extra buttons in your WYSIWYG editor.  Click on the icon for the video service that contains the video you want to embed.

Click on the icon for the site that houses your video.

  • In the window that opens, paste the URL of your video.  Click “Okay”, save your work and make sure your video is embedded how you want intended.

Paste in the URL of your video and change the dimensions if you need to.

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