Creating a Faculty Dossier in Blackboard

This is a temporary fix until the process can be automated by IT.

  1. First, you’ll want to download the Faculty Dossier template here:  Download Blackboard Faculty Review template (the file will by default be called Make sure you download the file somewhere you can find it.
  2. Next, Create a non-academic Blackboard course site using the Blackboard Course Generator. Here is a link to a video tutorial if you need to learn how to create a non-academic course site using the Blackboard Course Generator:
  3. Once you create the Blackboard site, it should be ready by tomorrow morning at 6:45 at the latest. When the site is ready, go to and browse to the new course site. You will need to delete all the old content areas in the new site before importing the Faculty Dossier template you downloaded in step #1. Here is a very quick video tutorial to show you how to do the rest of the procedure. You can click on the icon at the bottom right of the video control panel to expand the tutorial to your full screen size for easier viewing:


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