How to Create a Blackboard Site

There are a couple of different types of Blackboard site that you can create, an Academic Course Site and a Non-Academic Course Site (this just means a Blackboard site that isn’t linked to an actual class CRN in Banner). Non-academic sites are used most often for faculty resource materials, committees, and group file sharing.

1. Academic Course Site

The first type is a Blackboard Course site that’s associated with an official course that you are teaching. If you are teaching a course and want to create a Blackboard site, you can follow the instructions in this video tutorial.

2. Non-Academic Site:

The second type of Blackboard site is a Non-Academic site, and can really be used for any valid college-related reason. Non-Academic sites are very convenient for committee-work, a faculty member’s personal resource material, or any number of other uses. Click here for instructions on how to create a Non-Academic Blackboard Site.

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