Study Abroad Technology Tips Part One, Preparing for Your Trip


Here’s the first installment of technology tips for leading study abroad courses. For this first post in the series on study abroad technology tips, we’ll begin with before you leave for your trip. Imagine that it’s about two weeks before your trip, and you know that you need to get ready for documenting your adventures […]

Photography for Study Abroad: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Monument to the War of 1812 -- a very photographable landmark in Cadiz, Spain.

This summer in Cadiz, Spain, I had the opportunity to teach photography to a group of 21 William & Mary student researchers, and, while it was challenging for everyone, I think we all learned a lot from the experience. Here’s the good, the bad and the ugly of our adventures. Francie Cate-Arries, W&M professor of […]

Don’t Forget Your iPhone! Why the iPhone Is My Favorite Study Abroad Research Tool

Map courtesy of Google Maps.

One of the aggravations of traveling abroad for research or study abroad is dealing with getting a cell phone working outside the US. Most of our faculty members and students just end up buying a cheap cellphone to use while traveling, but if you’re like me and you have an iPhone or other smartphone in the US, you’ve grown really dependent on your smartphone, and ditching it for a junky standard cellphone while abroad (just when you need your smartphone the most) is a real disappointment. My advice: bring it with you!

The W&M-China Initiative: Digital Learning in Cross-Cultural Pedagogy

Skyping between W&M and Beijing Normal University students.

In this guest post by Professor Emily Wilcox, she talks about some of the exciting courses that are part of the grant project W&M-China Initiative for Film and New Media. This project hopes to explore how digital tools can help center teaching and learning on cross-cultural exchanges.

Photography for Study Abroad: Photography as Storytelling


One of the challenges for faculty members and students on study abroad research and service learning trips is capturing their research in meaningful, engaging ways that can be captured and showcased for others at the College, and beyond, to benefit from. One current W&M solution to this problem is to create a course website using WordPress and then having students post their research on the website. While publishing research papers is a good first step, these text-based essays don’t take advantage of the great opportunity that a study abroad research trip affords for great photographic supplemental materials. Indeed, a good photo journal to go along with a student’s research can not only keep the reader of the website engaged, but it can help tell the story in fundamental ways that mere text alone can’t do.

The Goldilocks Effect: Choices for Academic Technology Mapping Projects


So Pablo and I are working on an exciting new project — devoted to student research abroad–which is heavily dependent on being able to include an embedded interactive multimedia Web map. (You can look at the project here: W&M Global Mapping, but it isn’t ready for prime time as of this writing, so depending on when you visit the site, you may get crazy results. We’re hoping to have the site fully armed and operational by summer 2013.)

Using Rich Media in Study Abroad Student Projects, Part 2: Photography


In this post, Mike talks about how one might go about thinking about using photography projects for study abroad students.

Using Rich Media in Study Abroad Student Projects, Part 1: Video Production


I’m in St. Petersburg, Russia this summer working on a tech-enhanced research project with the William & Mary Study Abroad group, and in preparing for the trip one of my most important considerations was what equipment to bring. Each student project involves telling stories about particular city spaces. There’s a little photography, several video interviews, […]

Rescued by Technology

St. Petersburg Map

Google Maps can do more that just provide a venue for student assignments while abroad. Read about how Mike used Google Maps to help a lost student in St. Petersburg, Russia!

Study Abroad: Preparing for Your Trip

Monastery in the Russian Countryside

In this post, I discuss some software you might want to look into before setting out for a Summer Study Abroad Program, including WordPress for websites, YouTube for videos, and Picasa for images.