How Do the Spaces of Our Classrooms Shape Our Teaching?


In this podcast, Gene Roche, Director of Academic Information Services, sits down with Arthur Knight, Professor of American Studies and English to talk about Arthur’s new role as Faculty Facilities Coordinator at the College. This position is a relatively new one, in which, as Arthur puts it, he “serves at the pleasure of the Dean” of Arts and Sciences to be a more permanent liaison between facilities management and faculty.

E-Books: A Student’s Perspective (Podcast)

Will e-books make scenes like this a thing of the past?

How does a William & Mary student use e-books in her classes? In this podcast, Gene Roche sits down with undergraduate Nina Staeben ’14, to find out how she uses her Kindle for her coursework.

Rich Media in the Classroom (Podcast)


April talks to Anne Charity-Hudley, Arthur Knight, and Sharon Zuber about how they integrate images and sounds into English, Film Studies, and Linguistics courses.

On Experts and Expertise with Paul Heideman (Podcast)

Gene Roche sits down with W&M biology professor Paul Heideman to talk about research in the field of expertise and how to apply it to student learning. In this podcast, they talk about what it means to be an expert as well as how experts think about and solve problems differently than novices.

Wiki Writing in Prague (Podcast)


Jim Barber, Assistant Professor of Higher Education, and April Lawrence, Academic Technologist in the School of Education, recently sat down to chat about how Dr. Barber used WM Wikis to support a travel abroad experience to Prague, Czech Republic. [audio:] Interview with Dr. Barber: Wiki Writing in Prague (Download Audio Podcast) Dr. Barber and a […]

Mapping Memory in Madrid

Screen shot 2011-01-14 at 10.14.59 AM

Francie Cate-Arries, Professor of Hispanic Studies, discusses how she uses fieldwork and technology to help her students explore the historical memory of the Spanish Civil War in Madrid.

Teach(nology) Podcast: Bruce Campbell and Tablet PCs


Bruce Campbell discusses how he uses his tablet PC to help with grading and other everyday tasks academics run into.