Links for 7-18-2012

Approved Links

Links for this week include Evan’s guest post on ProfHacker, more on MOOCs (now at UVA), the 20th anniversary of the first image on the Web, and top five TED talks – including one on the relationship between education and creativity.

Links for 7-10-12

Approved Links

For today’s links, publishers gather data from e-book readers, the Chronicle features faculty reading habits, open-access journals have the potential to change the academic publishing industry, Carnegie Mellon teaches online classes, and faculty raise money for research through Kickstarter.

Links for 7-4-2012

Approved Links

For today’s links, Penn’s free online classes, the UNC Beat Lab, a free course on power searching with Google, the home of the “e-portfolio,” and the Journal of Digital Humanities.

Links for 6-27-2012


Read on for some links that may be of interest for the week of June 27, 2012. Today’s academic technology links include DIY aerial documentation of current events at UVA, leading higher ed in the digital age, and a self-writing encyclopedia.