Academic Technology Links for 9/26/12

For this week, check out our links to read about Evan’s new WordPress plugin, an attempt at digitizing academic publishing, soon-to-be obsolete office items, and structuring collaborative assignments. If any of these sound interesting, click through to read more!

Academic Technology Links for 9-19-12

In this week’s links, you’ll read about how to think about counting multimedia projects for tenure, favorite iPad apps for teachers, and Coursera’s latest expansion. Enjoy!

Academic Technology Links for 9-12-12

Approved Links

For this week, check out the Google Course Builder, a review of a statistics MOOC, how Google Maps make their maps, the best iPad apps for teaching, and which browsers to use with Blackboard. Enjoy!

Links for 9-5-12

In this week’s linked articles, you’ll find out about peer grading in Coursera, an explanation of what a PhD lab in “digital knowledge” is, an infographic of the growth of the internet, a blurb on a new book about being successful in college, and the perils of teaching online. Enjoy!

Academic Technology Links 8-29-12

Approved Links

In this week’s links, read about student feelings about e-textbooks, reports of plagiarism in MOOCs, “digital faculty,” and the potential of video assignments.

Academic Technology Links for 8-22-12

This week’s links include author China MiĆ©ville on readers remixes, a guide to Evernote, Udacity cancelling a math course due to “low quality,” and saying “yes” to academics self-publishing their work.

Links for 8-15-12

Approved Links

In this weeks links, you’ll find an attempt to define “MOOC,” a useful update for Google Scholar, an earth simulation that may predict the future, and suggestions for keeping your online accounts secure.

Links for 8-8-2012

In this week’s links, you’ll find a MOOC on MOOCs, why techies should know education theory, and a student who was disciplined for creating an app that would streamline course registration at UCF.

Links for 8-1-2012

Approved Links

This week’s links feature an blog post about e-learning, a printer that makes 3D objects, a Mac OS computer virus, and the catch-22 of enrollment-based budgets. Click through to read more!

Links for 7-25-2012

Approved Links

Links for this week include a TED talk on MOOCs, a blog on how the Earth changes over time (using Google Earth), a project to translate English-centric JavaScript, the rise of academic jobs in Digital Humanities, and data mining at colleges and universities.