Drowning in Cheap Storage: Hoarding in the Digital Age

The cassette needs help...

What is digital hoarding? In this post, Pablo talks about what it is, and touches on his own experiences as a digital hoarder.

When Encountering the Talking Dog


Writing and electronic textbooks has never been easier than with Apple’s new application, the Apple iBooks Author, which allows amateur users to integrate images and media in their e-texts. E-texts are also more and more accessible to readers, but what sorts of questions should we be asking about our entrenched textbook practices, especially in light of Apple’s increasingly proprietary forays into the education marketplace?

Touch and the Computer Interface


In this post, I talk about the trend towards the touch interface of personal computers. The question is, why now? Both Apple and Microsoft have chosen to start designing their operating systems around more iPhone and iPad-like touchscreen interfaces.