Academic Technology Links for April 12, 2013

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There’s a lot of news in the world of academic technology this week, so I’ve organized the links into a few categories. The links include MOOCs (of course), discussions over computerized essay grading, and miscellany about big-brother digital textbook tools and MLA’s guidelines for IT access and support. Enjoy!

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Academic Technology Links for April 5, 2013

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This week, the links include “viral” flipped classrooms in Wisconsin, a new guide for audiovisual source citations, claims of Coursera’s elitism, a new MOOC platform, and 20 data visualization tools. Enjoy!

Three Ways to Teach Students Technology Skills


Teaching students how to accomplish things with their computers shouldn’t be as overwhelming as it sometimes feels. Here are three ways that I have alleviated the burden of teaching students how to do things with technology that helped me focus my energy on students learning the course materials rather than on troubleshooting unexpected technology problems.

W&M Teaching and Technology Expo

Teaching & Technology Expo

For those of you who reside in the Williamsburg area, and have access to the W&M campus, I’d like to share an event with you that you may be interested in attending on April 19 — the Teaching & Technology Expo.

Academic Technology Links for March 29, 2013

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This week, the links include working robots, mobile video assignments, mindfulness, and digitized 16th-century parish records. Enjoy!

Making Screen Capture Images with a Mac

This VLC screenshot is much better than the one I took using the Finder and DVD player above!

Making screen captures is quick and easy, and you can use the resulting images in lots of different ways. You can illustrate something to your students in a lecture or discussion, use them for computer-related tutorials, and use them in your research.

Academic Technology Links for March 22, 2013

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This week, the links include an experimental new format for blog commenting, the lack of privacy with email, tools for digital scholarship, and digital maps. Enjoy!

Academic Technology Links for March 15, 2013

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This week, the links include the California bill that would allow students to take online courses for credit, more on MOOCs, the School of Open, and free group video calling from Skype for teachers. Enjoy!

Options for Sharing Your Research-Related Images

Ed White, doing the first American spacewalk in 1965.  Now also part of my dissertation image collection in Flickr!

Part of my dissertation research involves images, and in writing my last chapter, I wanted to share the images I was using with my committee co-chairs. In the past, I’ve put images into Word documents, and never really liked the results. So, I’ve investigated other ways to share images with them, and thought to share my testing with you.