Wanna Hangout? Google Hangouts in Education

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We’ve been hanging out quite a bit recently in the School of Education. Google Hangout enables users to conduct free Web-based video calls for up to ten participants. Hangout is a feature of Google+ (the Google version of Facebook). All William & Mary students have access to Google+ and Google Hangout through their free WMApps accounts.

Why I Settled on Mendeley for Organizing Research


I have recently started to revisit some of the research I’ve collected over the last few years in preparation for the doctoral comprehensive exams, and have realized what a lifesaver the reference organizer and note-taking application Mendeley has been. Back in 2008, I had files across multiple locations and devices — some on a laptop, some on a desktop, some on a collection of flash drives. I hadn’t gotten the hang of this new thing called cloud-based storage. But then I found Mendeley, and my virtual research space has been much tidier ever since.

WMApps: What’s That?


What is WMApps and what Google Apps tools are available for students and faculty to use? In this post, I explain the student access to Google Docs, Google Sites, and Google Reader via their W&M gmail accounts.

Adobe Connect: Expanding the Reach of the Classroom

Adobe Connect Gail Hardinge's Class

I recently received the following email inquiry, “What is Adobe Connect, and how can it support my faculty?” In this post, I talk about a couple of examples of how faculty have used Adobe Connect in their classes, and suggest how one might go about testing it out.

Rich Media in the Classroom (Podcast)


April talks to Anne Charity-Hudley, Arthur Knight, and Sharon Zuber about how they integrate images and sounds into English, Film Studies, and Linguistics courses.

Wiki Writing in Prague (Podcast)


Jim Barber, Assistant Professor of Higher Education, and April Lawrence, Academic Technologist in the School of Education, recently sat down to chat about how Dr. Barber used WM Wikis to support a travel abroad experience to Prague, Czech Republic. [audio:http://at.blogs.wm.edu/wp-content/files/2011/11/lawrence_barber.mp3] Interview with Dr. Barber: Wiki Writing in Prague (Download Audio Podcast) Dr. Barber and a […]

How to Create a New Page in a W&M Wiki


WMwikis is an easy way to get collaborate with other writers on-line. Find out how to create a new page on a wiki with these instructions.

Where Are the W&M Wikis?


Which wiki is right for you? W&M faculty have three different options. Find out which one will work the best for your class.

How to Make a New W&M Wiki


Get started using wikis at W&M and create your first wiki.