Add Images with WordPress

You can easily add images to posts and pages in your WordPress site.  Here’s how:

  • In the main text box for the post or page’s body, put your cursor where you want the image to go.
  • Click the picture frame icon (the first icon) to the right of “Upload/Insert” above the text box.
  • In the dialogue box that appears, click “Select Files” and select the image you want to upload to your site.

Click "Select Files" and find the image you want to upload

  • At this point you have a number of options.  If you just want a basic image, simply scroll down and click “Insert Into Post”.  Here are some of  the other things you can do with your image from this screen:
Select Files

Add Captions, set where the image links, add alignment and change the size.

    • Title: This field is required and is set automatically to the name of the file you uploaded.  This is also the text that will show up when you hover your mouse over the image on your site.
    • Alternate Text: This field will display if your image, for whatever reason, can’t be displayed by someone’s browser.  For example, if someone uses a screen reader, the Alternate Text will be sent to them instead of the image.
    • Description: Most themes don’t use the field for the display of images, so you can probably leave it blank.
    • Link URL: This field sets what happens when one of your site’s visitors clicks the image.  If you click “none,” the image will not link to anything.  Clicking “File URL” will insert the link to the file itself.  So, when your vistors click on an image, they will be sent to the image on a plain white background.  If you click “Post URL”, users who click the image will see the image within your site’s design (with your navigation, the post’s title etc.)
    • Alignment:  Move the image to the left, center, or right of your page.
    • Size: This is a quick way to change the size of your image.
    • Use as featured image: Some themes allow you to upload a featured image for a post.  Where this image gets used, however, depends on the theme.  For example at, “Featured Images” display next to the post title when you are viewing a list of posts.
  • If you want to edit the image you have uploaded, click the “Edit Image” button located above the “Title” field.  This will open up a new dialogue box that allows you to edit the image in a number of different ways.  You can change the dimensions of the image by clicking “Scale Image” (If you want to scale the image, you should do this before you edit the image in other ways).  The icons across the top of the editing window allow you to crop, rotate and flip the image horizontally or vertically.  Use the buttons on the right to undo or redo your actions.  When you are done editing the image, click “Save”.
Editing an Image

Editing an Uploaded Image

  • Once you are satisfied with your image, click “Insert Into Post” or “Use as Featured Image,” save your post and view your work to make sure the image and surrounding text looks alright.
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