Academic Technology Links November 30, 2012

This week’s links cover definitions of plagiarism, flipped classrooms, and an editorial about MOOCs.  Enjoy!


“Remix, Mashups, Aggregation, Plagiarism oh my” is about how plagiarism is defined and how we might think about “remixes” and similar kinds of source uses as texts in their own right.

“Hybrid Teaching and Flipped Classrooms” — The article says, “Several hybrid teaching and learning techniques have been emerging in recent days. Resources are also aplenty when it comes to what the Internet can offer.”  Instead of forbidding or being worried about students using online resources to help them with class, exploring the resources available and alerting students to them can help them do better in your courses.

“Will Online Learning Destroy America’s Colleges?” — This is a question that often comes up when discussing MOOCs.  This article discusses the ways that the author sees MOOCs as disrupting the college and university system.

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