Academic Technology Links November 23, 2012

Here are some links for the week of November 23, 2012, including a Wikipedia tool, a professor’s experience with a MOOC and flipping her classroom, electronic paper submissions, and three historians’ podcast.  Enjoy!


A post about a Wikipedia tool for making a book out of Wikipedia articles.  Looks like a useful way of compiling articles into an ebook.

I saw this article about a Stanford professor’s experience teaching a MOOC version of a course with Coursera in the Tomorrow’s Professor mailing list.  She also uses the videos from her MOOC to flip her classroom for the version of the class she teaches face-to-face.

“Paper Submissions and Student Reflections” talks about taking advantage of using the text box that comes along electronic paper submissions to get students to write a reflection on the assignment.  Although the example in this post uses a different course management system than W&M, this could easily be done by using Blackboard’s paper submission feature.

BackStory is a public radio show and podcast hosted by three historians in Virginia.

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