Academic Technology Links for November 16, 2012

For this week, we have links on a gamification project, a Q&A about backing up your data, an interview with a Coursera co-founder, and a great post on how to evaluate non-traditional student projects.  Enjoy!


Games on Games — this project “originates from the hypothesis that it is possible and fruitful to critique videogames and their related themes by adopting their own forms, mechanics and languages.”  If you’re interested in gamification and new media, definitely worth a look!

From technology writer David Pogue at the New York Times, a useful Q&A about backing up your data at home.

An interview with Coursera co-founder Daphne Koller via the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.

“Evaluating Multimodal Work Revisited” — This is a blog post about how to evaluate student projects that are not typical papers.  It’s quite interesting and has some links that you may also find helpful if you assign non-traditional projects and would like to know more about how to evaluate them.  The author is an associate professor of media studies at New York’s New School.

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