Academic Technology Links for March 8, 2013

linksThis week, the links include a critique of the TED talk format, primary source analysis guides online, a list of free online courses, and the new Google Art Project Art Talks. Enjoy!

  • A post critiquing how we use and think about TED talks. From the post: “But once something becomes a TED Talk, it becomes oddly unassailable. The video, the speech, the idea, the applause — there too often stops our critical faculties. We don’t interrupt. We don’t jeer. We don’t ask any follow-up questions. They lecture. We listen.”
  • Primary Source Analysis Guides — I haven’t gotten the chance to look at these, so cannot vouch for them, but having such a thing available online is convenient, and would possibly be a good resource for students.
  • Here’s a huge list of 700 free online courses.
  • You may have heard of the Google Art Project. One of their newest offerings is Art Talks, which are Google Hangouts with an art experts from a different museums each time.  The next one is on Wednesday, March 20th.
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