Academic Technology Links for June 14, 2013


The links this week include MOOCs (of course!), e-textbook usage, and Open Badges. Enjoy!

  • Profhacker has a special Weekend Reading (their links post) bringing together recent MOOC news.  A great way to get caught up on the latest MOOC goings-on.
  • Students, Professors Still Not Yet Ready for Digital Textbooks — an article on Digital Book World about some market research on e-textbooks.  This research is the result of polling of students at two- and four-year institutions of higher education, and found that the students polled prefer print books. According to the article, “Among those few students who prefer digital textbooks to print, the reasons are the price, the ability to search the text and how easy they are to carry around.” However, the poll also showed that only 31% of the students surveyed had tried using a digital textbook.
  • Open Badges are online certifications of knowledge. Someone can earn these through completing online courses, or other things — the “open badge” idea itself comes from Mozilla, the company that makes Firefox. Organizations can choose to use Open Badges to provide certifications to individuals for various online learning activities, so in a way it’s like a platform for demonstrating knowledge and connecting it to a person’s digital identity. Former President Bill Clinton has endorsed the use of open badges, which you can read about over on Eduhacker.
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